How Dangerous is an Abscessed Tooth?

Posted on: October 12, 2018

How Dangerous is an Abscessed Tooth? Today, we will look at that question and answer some critical questions regarding the issue and what you can do. 

An infection in the gums or tooth is called a dental abscess; which can be particularly hazardous. A dental abscess like any other infection can create a myriad of dangers if left untreated.

The pain from an abscess can be quite painful, sometimes making daily activity impossible. Most people at this point find they have no choice but to accept treatment.

Dental Abscess Can Create Problems

It is recommended not to ignore an abscess; this can be life-threatening. Infections in the tooth or gums could lead to:

The surrounding bone could be infected: The maxilla and mandible facial bones do not tolerate the long-term presence of infections. Surgical removal of the bone may be required to illuminate the spread of disease. There are some cases where extreme measures are not necessary. The bone structures can become weak, which brings on the difficulty for the teeth to be supported by the jaw.

Tooth loss: A root canal or a crown can often save the root if the abscessed tooth is treated early. Without treatment, an abscess persists; however endodontic therapy may not be possible due to the weakening of the tooth or risk of an infection spreading. Dental implants can also restore oral function when a tooth replacement is needed due to an infection but has left enough bone integrity for an implant to have support.

Soft Tissue and Sinus Infections: Roots of upper teeth reach up to the sinus area. Therefore, an abscess in the upper teeth leads to a painful sinus infection. Soft tissues of the mouth and its surrounding areas are susceptible to the spread of a disease which causes complications such as the airway and facial cellulite.

Septicemia: The entire bloodstream comes infected, this is septicemia. A natural body’s reaction to respond to an infection is to increase antibodies to the area. When a pocket of infection ruptures, septicemia occurs. An incredibly life-threatening condition, septicemia requires hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics.

Abscess of the brain: An infection in the brain is dangerous, hospitalization for treatment is usually required. A dental abscess infection enters the brain in numerous ways, generally by a method listed above. A dental abscess is challenging to treat due to the blood-brain barrier.

Treatment of a dental abscess before becoming life-threatening.

Many people may delay the treatment of a dental abscess because of financial and or dental anxiety. Putting off visiting a dentist due to costs or time could increase the risk of infection. In the long run, endodontic therapy and antibiotic treatment will save teeth and perhaps a life.

Prevention: Because of the danger with an abscess, practicing good oral hygiene prevents an abscess. Brushing twice daily, flossing and using fluoride with regular check-ups and cleanings are highly recommended. Replacing a toothbrush every three to four months after infection, lowering sugar in a diet and protecting from dental injuries by wearing a mouth guard is a good prevention plan. To find out more about how dangerous an abscessed tooth can feel free to visit our website. 

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